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Devils & Dust 2LP

Devils & Dust 2LP

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‘Devils & Dust’ remains one of the starkest studio albums Bruce Springsteen ever released, recalling the spare acoustic-with-band approach of ‘The Ghost Of Tom Joad’ a decade earlier. On February 21, ‘Devils & Dust’ will be released on 2LP vinyl – its first availability on the format since it was originally released.

Track List:

Disc 1 – Side A
1. Devils & Dust
2. All the Way Home
3. Reno
Disc 1 – Side B
4. Long Time Comin'
5. Black Cowboys
6. Maria's Bed
Disc 2 – Side A
7. Silver Palomino
8. Jesus Was An Only Son
9. Leah
Disc 2 – Side B
10. The Hitter
11. All I'm Thinkin' About
12. Matamoros Banks

Release Date: February 21, 2020